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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this suspect has killed. >> that detective was just hours away from celebrating his birthday on the night he was killed. tonight, we have new information on the man charged in his murder. >> reporter: 25-year-old sean james, now locked up, after police say he killed off-duty detective brian stevenson, around 10:30 saturday night. that's when a heated argument over a parking space in this medical parking lot in canton, apparently took a violent turn. according to these charging documents obtained by wjz, numerous witnesses saw james throw a chunk of concrete at the officer's head, killing the father of three and 18-year veteran of the police force. >> any of the state's attorneys working this case knew brian and had tremendous respect for him and his efforts to reduce crime in baltimore. >> reporter: it's not sean's first arrest. in fact, he walked out of jail on bail, after an ex-girlfriend
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claimed he became violent, raped and kicked her. >> the final decision rests with the court and the judge. and the bail was reduced to $150,000. >> reporter: james lives right around the corner from the canton crime scene, where someone left a memorial message to the fallen officer. neighbors here say limited street parking often leads to arguments but never before the kind of violence that took officer stevenson's life. >> doesn't seem quite right. that somebody should commit that kind of crime over a parking spot. >> in court this morning, a public defender asked that james be allowed to have bail, citing his ties to the community and his 2 1/2 years working at a jiffy lube. but the judge wasn't hearing it after bail got denied. his next hearing is set for mid- november. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> an attorney for sean james has not returned calls to wjz for comment on this story. a high-profile murder trial is coming to a close tonight.
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in baltimore county, dennis tetso is charged with killing his wife. and just hours ago, he took the stand in his own defense. mike hellgren has more on final arguments in this case. mike? >> reporter: dennis tetso was the real star here in court today. jurors were hanging on his every word. he said that he did have his wife's phone tapped, that he followed her, but he would never kill her. >> reporter: prosecutors claim dennis tetso was upset with his deteriorating marriage and his anger over an affair with another man led him into a rage, leading him to kill her and hide her body. but tetso told jurors, i'm not lying to you. i didn't do anything to my wife and i don't know where my wife is. >> they already said in the opening statement, there is no direct evidence, there is no smoking gun. >> reporter: tetso also explained why he tore down
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missing persons posters for tracy. he said they covered his house and his car, and they were put there by people who believed he had something to do with it. the first search was my parents' property. they accused me right off the bat. >> he said scratches on his income were from a gold chain and not from a struggle from his wife. >> reporter: police say he changed his story the night she disappeared, the night she was supposed to attend a concert with her lover. reports say that her car went through the harbor. and his cell phone was used in the same area. and he was also tracked in glen burnie. during the trial, the prosecution played fiery phone conversations between dennis and tracy, arguing over their relationship. >> you think i'm stupid? i'm not. >> yeah, well, you think i am as well. >> reporter: and he testified, i never laid a hand on her, never touched her, never
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grabbed her or anything like that. i never believe in hitting women. >> reporter: here's where we stand right now. in the morning, the defense will do its closing arguments. then the prosecution will have a academy closing. -- second closing. then this will go to the jury. they are expected to get it sometime tomorrow afternoon. >> all right, mike. thank you. the judge today rejected defense motions to dismiss the case, based on lack of evidence. four people died when a helicopter crashed onto a maryland highway last year. tonight, we know why it happened. denise is in the newsroom with the new report from federal investigators. >> the ntsb says pilot error was probably the cause of a july 2005 crash near boonsboro. went down on interstate 270, after hitting a power line. the final report says that nord off exercised poor judgment when he chose to fly on a dark
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night in adverse conditions. the group was returning from an event where they gave charity helicopter rides to children. >> and they also ruled the crash accidental. police say underaged drinking also played a huge role in sending three students to the hospital. it happened outside a popular bar. as weijia jiang reports, area businesses are cracking down on fake ids, at least for now. >> reporter: university police say the weekend which was the first weekend after the stabbings, was a lot calmer than usual. the question is, how long it will remain that way. >> this was the scene in downtown college park, less than one week ago. around 1:30 tuesday morning, three university of maryland students are rushed to the hospital. after police say 21-year-old leonardo ramos stabbed them outside a bar. police say it was the bloody end to a fight that started inside the thirsty turtle. and that all of the students involved were drinking under age. >> they were trying to get in
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the bar. and they were like, thirsty turtle lets everyone in. >> reporter: university police say the past weekend was a tame one. all of the bars near campus, including the turtle rejected fake ids, presented by underaged plants. >> it's been very slow. there hasn't been as much people walking around. and word on the street is that folks are not coming from catholics university and buses to get into the thirsty turtle now. >> reporter: but many students we spoke with say the turtle's crackdown is only temporary. and sooner or later, the drinking inside will start again. >> i think they're just doing that because of the stabbings, to counteract that to make it seem better. but i think they'll start letting people in again. >> reporter: the police chief is skeptical, too, pointing to the three siitations in the past year. -- citations in the past year. he's pushing to padlock the door. they will decide whether to revoke the bar's alcohol license. >> reporter: since this first broke out, we have reached out to the owner of the thirsty
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turtle multiple times for an interview, or even a statement. but as of yet, he has yet to respond. all of the victims have been released from the hospital after being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. dozens of baltimore county homes are being affected by a water main break tonight. the break happened at back river at beechwood and linhurst roads. the water caused damage to a nearby home. about 50 houses and a dozen businesses all without water, as public works crews continue with repairs. skies are overcast, as we take a live look outside. is there rain headed our way? wjz is live with first warning weather. bob turk is tracking live doppler radar for us. bob? >> well, between 2:00 and 3:00, we had a little batch of rain move through the baltimore and baltimore county area. moved up toward the north and east. that's all gone. pretty quiet. all of the precip across pennsylvania as you can see, and ohio.
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but slowly, but surely, that front associated with the rain will be slipping southeast. we expect to see it at least in the morning tomorrow. a bit of rain. i think by late in the afternoon, it will be pretty much done. maybe a little sunshine by this time in the day tomorrow. temperatures pretty much where they should be. we're talking mid-60s. kai? >> a blue monday for the fans of the purple birds. the ravens are coming off their most disappointing lost of the -- loss of the year. sports director mark viviano joins us from to explain how fans are reacting reacting to this defeat. >> it is only one right now. what the ravens are looking at is one road game that appeared to be a victory that got away. >> flacco. returns for the touchdown. >> it had the look of another signature win for the ravens. a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter at new england. but that signature was not complete. tom brady and the patriots
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played the part of eraser, with impressive drives in the final quarter and overtime, the ravens' signature win faded away. >> it's one of those things, we didn't finish. but we really didn't play well consistently throughout the whole game. and that was the ultimate difference. >> reporter: the difference in the end was three points. an overtime field goal that completed the patriots' comeback and left the ravens to ponder what might have been. is this defeat especially painful? >> no. it's just another loss. it's a disappointing one like they all are. but i think it's one we'll have to move from pretty quickly and get ready for next week. >> reporter: the pain for some fans can linger. we asked you with the wjz fan cam, what's the worst part about the loss at new england? >> decision-making from the staff. the decision making was kind of tentative. we didn't really go for a win. >> i have a hard time getting over what mclane did. you can't push somebody at the 20-yard line in overtime. you just don't do that.
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>> the play called was pretty terrible. >> reporter: now, regarding that play calling, coach john harbaugh did speak at his monday press conference, and reacted moments ago that the ravens went too conservative. we'll get the ravens' responses at the end of the game. everybody is a critic. it's always next week. ravens are back home on sunday. and back on wjz as they host the buffalo bills. see that game here, live at 1:00 p.m. and still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. saving lives with technology. the breakthrough in better diagnosing sick children. college football player, killed by a police bullet. why officers say they were forced to shoot. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, making frederick's airport safer. that story as eyewitness news continues. and is the rain on its way to maryland? the answer in the first warning weather forecast coming up.
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in today's healthwatch, a breakthrough in diagnosing kids that gives faster results. it is called rvp. and today, the university for maryland children's hospital started use it. the goal is to save lives with almost instant information. a simple swipe of a baby's nose is all it takes to learn just how sick they are. 10 common viruses that leads to hospitalizations of hundreds of thousands of children can be diagnosed each year with the swab. and this machine. the results are rapid. six hours, versus the standard 2 to 12 days. >> for some, viral infections, getting treatment earlier in
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the infection can help reduce spines and symptoms of the infection, as well as spreading the infections. >> the tests can detect the flu and other respiratory illnesses like rsv, which can be dangerous for babies. in 2006, little rebecca rabinowitz died when a severe virus was diagnosed as a common cold. her family has raised money called "our baby," hoping to make this test more rapidly available. >> they believe she could have survived if they had known it was a viral infection, as opposed to a bacterial infection. >> reporter: they want exposure to the test. >> we're very optimistic that the work we've done with this technology will be able to aid physicians in the management of
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the immuno compromised patients. >> if you'd like more information about the rapid test or our baby foundation, log onto our website, and click on healthwatch. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, critionty. >> hi, kai. -- kristy. >> hi, kai. north side outer loop, slowing from 83 to providence road. a couple of brake lights from 95 to liberty road as well. eastbound 70, still seeing some congestion there as you make your approach to the beltway. average speed about 30 miles an hour. southbound 95, expect some delays from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway on the northeast side. about 10 minutes to get through. and we have an accident to watch out for in the city. that's liberty heights avenue at west northern parkway. taking a look at at this time inner loop. 46 miles an hour average. and about 13 minutes to get
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through. let's now take a live look. you can see over there, west of york road. plenty of congestion. moving along, but still heavy volume. this traffic report is brought to you by dsw. designer shoes at warehouse prices. you can only find them at dsw. back to you. tonight, baltimore is mourning the loss of a prominent journalist. john h. murphy iii. former publisher of the afro newspaper. has died. he is the great great grandson of the founder of the newspaper. he was involved in many community activities. he was 94 years old. pilots say keep your head on a swivel when hand landing or taking off from frederick municipal airport because no one else is watching out for you. alex demetrick reports, that is about to change. >> reporter: air space collapses, the closer you get to the ground. around the runways of frederick's municipal airports,
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the space between planes can sometimes get tight. >> it's uncontrolled. you look out for yourself. you look out for yourself. there's nobody to radio to. >> there is a tower. but no human controllers or equipment. that's not what drew the crowd today. it was the groundbreaking for a new $500 million tower. >> to have the requirements to the control tower and control traffic coming in and out of here. i think you'll see a big safety enhancement to this airport. >> given the proximity, a manned tower means more than just a safer airport. >> it's also important for our national security. this is a critically important location, for homeland security. >> the new tower is being built with federal stimulus money. that means some construction work. but it's hoped a controlled airport also break more corporate jets. and corporate satellite headquarters. >> there's a great interest in private sector locating small corporate headquarters here because of the access to washington. >> one corporation already uses frederick.
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the wjz sky eye chopper 13 tower control, puts all pilots on the same page for safety. >> many of the aircrafts that operated under the old system were not required to have radios. now this will require them to have that equipment and additional equipment to increase safety immensely. >> reporter: because it makes 130,000 takeoffs and landings each year, a number expected to grow to 165,000. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> construction of the new tower is expected to begin immediately and will take 18 months to complete. >> speaking of captain mike. breaking news. a sewage overflow in northeast baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain mike perry above it with more for us. captain mike? >> reporter: it's an ugly one. argon drive, at herring run park. apparently 200 to 300 gallons of raw sewage is now pouring into herring run. we have workers on scene.
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they have notified the maryland department of the environment. as you can see, it's bubbling up out of the ground. and going right into the herring run. at this point, health officials have not told us of any issues. but i would expect folks would stay away from herring run park for sometime as the amount and exactly what's causing this sewage overflow is not known. back to you on tv hill. >> you don't have to go in too close, captain mike. thank you. we'll continue to follow that story. that's for sure. >> definitely stay out of there. let's take a look at temperatures around the region. a lot of clouds. just a few sprinkles in a few spots. 63 now. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the tuesday midweek forecast after this. ,,,,
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look at that. that's quite a scene. ominous. >> some clouds. some sun this morning. and gave way to some clouds. a few light sprinkles and showers move through the baltimore and baltimore county, carroll, harford county, and cecil counties this afternoon. it's all gone. there is still rain up to the north and west. we'll probably see some of that late tonight and into tomorrow
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morning. before things again get quieter. take a look at temps around the region. pleasant and normal. 63 here to the west. 61 in ocean city. the warm spot this afternoon, was d.c. a little more sun down there. 66. dew point is still low. this is pretty dry air. right now, very light. almost no wind at all. out of the north. there's a front down to our south. yesterday, we were in the mid- 70s. this afternoon, low to mid-60s. the front did move through the region. but it's stalling out in portions of our area. particularly across virginia. and because it's down there. some warm air is overriding. a little hear more humid. and clouds are being created. in fact, out to the west, you can clearly see a very fine line of showers that developed over illinois, indiana. look at that. a skinny little line this afternoon. that's going to be pressing southward. we'll see some showers in the
5:25 pm
morning. then by afternoon, most of these should be gone. now, wednesday will bring us another little chance of rain on wednesday morning. tuesday morning, a chance of a little rain. wednesday morning bituesday and wednesday. a lot of clouds. not a big rain maker. as the front. mild air here. cooler air. pretty chilly. the front is going to stay about where it is. and move it out of the area completely. and another chance of rain developing again wednesday. continue to generally cool to slightly below normal temperatures. by thursday, a bit of a warmup. then it gets chilly by the end of the week. sunrise, 7:20. getting pretty dark. mornings. tonight, then, plenty of clouds. at least most areas. and a little passing shower activity. 47 tomorrow.
5:26 pm
lots of clouds. a little rain. rather cloudy. and clearing late in the afternoon. like we saw. 64. pretty much where we were this afternoon. normal high now is around 66, by the way. pretty close to where we should be. still ahead at 5:00. fire controversy. a father dies after flames in a row house. why his community blames his death on budget cuts. justice for chandra levy, the man charged in her murder finally goes on trial. why, though, convicting her accused killer won't be easy. facebook security alert. facebook security alert. the hidden danger all facebook , martin o'malley -- he's taxing me like i'm rich.
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every time i go to the grocery store, i pay a little more.
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just bench 6:30. 63 degrees and cloudy. good evening. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a southwest baltimore neighborhood is asking questions and pointing fingers after a man dies in a house fire this weekend. fire union officials claim a station closing may have contributed to his death. pat warren has more on the response from the city. budget burdens have caused
5:30 pm
rotating closures. for fire houses throughout the city. including this one behind me. mayor stawg said that is not a problem as far as public safety is concerned. but that's small comfort to friends and family who think this fire station should have been open saturday morning. >> james weis. >> we heard him yelling. get me out of here. >> we got up and it was like a bunch of flames. started coming down. >> i regret not running. but i did respond. >> it was part of closure. 5 fighters went door to
5:31 pm
door with safety reminders asking to remind. >> these rolling brownouts as they're called. and have these companies, all of the companies open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. today, family and friends set up a small memorial in honor of james weis. it was set well below the standard. >> sure, it's unfortunate that we have to effect these rotating closures. however, we are very confident in the resources is that we have, by paramedics and especially by firefighters. these are very, very committed people. >> reporter: a statement from the mayor's office says in part they are reducing fire company
5:32 pm
closures. they said it is making the fire department stronger than before and better able to respond to fire emergencies. >> the may mayor has put funding to double the amount of smoke alarms given to residents free. but again, that's small consolation for those who have lost a loved one. >> one firefighter suffered a minor injury in the fire. two teenagers are badly injured after a hit-and-run accident in montgomery county. police say a mercedes flood the scene. right now, a 19-year-old is in serious condition. and a 16-year-old remains in critical condition. tonight, detectives say the driver turned himself in and he is talking with police. >> a 20-year-old college football player is dead after police shoot him outside a bar in new york. tonight, the investigation is expanding. jessica is in the newsroom to
5:33 pm
explain what happened. jess? >> 21-year-old dan roy henry was killed just hours after the pace homecoming game. it happened sunday after police got a call for a report of a disturbance. police say when they knocked on the window of the car, he accelerated into three officers. one of the officers then fired his weapon. henry was pronounced dead at the scene. today, they have joined the investigation into his death. >> some witnesses are disputing the police account of what happened. it was the tragic story that held the country's attention throughout the summer of 2001. notice, jury selection has begun in the trial of the man accused of killing chandra levy. whit johnson reports, this is not the person first suspected in the crime. >> nine years ago, it was the missing person case that riveted a nation. >> more canvassing by d.c. police. this time, dupont circle. >> chandra levy, a 24-year-old
5:34 pm
intern, simply vanished from her washington, d.c. apartment, leaving her wallet and cell phone behind. chandra's parents took to the airwaves, pleading for help in finding their daughter. >> we, as parents, are very heartbroken, as we don't know where our daughter is. >> reporter: suspicion immediately fell on then california congressman gary condit. condit admitted they were friends but stonewalled police, denying any affair. only after months of intense scrutiny did he acknowledge an inappropriate relationship. 13 months later, a man walking his dog discovered chandra's remains. and police ruled her death a homicide. but it would be nearly eight years. >> ingmar guandique. already serving time for
5:35 pm
assaulting two women in the same park where chandra was found. an area that chandra had done an internet map for the day she disappeared. convicted guandique won't be easy. he never confessed to police and even passed a lie detector test. >> all the prosecution really has, as far as we know, up until this point is the fact that guandique allegedly told his fellow inmates that he killed chandra levy, that he kidnapped, raped, and killed chandra levy. >> jury selection is expected to take most of the week. a former congressman condit is expected to take the stand once testimony begins. >> nearly one year after gunfire erupts, we are learning that the shooter was trying to hit anyone who moved. the gunman didn't seem to be targeting any particular person. this is the second week of testimony at a military hearing which will determine if major
5:36 pm
nidal nidal hasan should stand trial. he is charged with killing 13 people on november 5th. the army has yet to decide if it will seek the death penalty if the case goes to trial. a new terror alert hits europe today. intelligence agents. french authorities say this latest threat is very real. they received word from saudi intelligence officials to be on alert. >> reporter: france's interior minister says there is though specific time, date or place. but the country is taking precautions, keeping its terror alert at the second highest level. france has already boosted security at popular tourist spots like the eiffel tower. it was evacuated twice last month over security concerns. officials believed the terrorists may be planning attacks modeled on the 2008
5:37 pm
mumbai massacre in india, when armed gunmen killed 166 people. according to saudi intelligence, this latest threat to france and the rest of europe comes from an al qaeda franchise, based in yemen. they're known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. and the group has already prove it's capable of reaching the west. >> reporter: the same group trained and equipped a nigerrian man, the so-called underwear bomber in last year's failed christmas day bombing in detroit. they have been trying to clamp down on al qaeda activity there. monday, a convicted bomb maker was sentenced to death. the u.s. state department has already warned american citizens in europe to be vigilant. france's interior minister says we must not overestimate the threat or underestimate it. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> and france has not seen a major attack since 1995.
5:38 pm
facebook users should be aware of potential security threat. according to the wall street journal, many of the site's most popular apps are leaking personal data to dozens of advertising and tracking companies, no matter how you set up your privacy controls. a facebook spokesperson says the social networking site is taking steps to dramatically limit users' exposure. taking a major slump. charitable giving dropped. a new survey of the nation's 400 biggest charities showed they took in $69 billion in 2009. that's down from just $76 billion a year earlier. in today's wjz health watch report, researchers say they have found a gene that appears to play a key role in drigger -- triggering depression. they analyzed brain tissue of nearly two dozen deceased people diagnosed with the condition. studies showed mice with the
5:39 pm
gene also developed the symptoms. experts hope it will pave the way for a new class of anti- depress apts. also in -- anti- depressants. also, the american heart association is releasing the abcs of cpr. they released the guidelines today. randall pinkston has the story for wjz. >> reporter: chris bader owes his life to his wife deborah, who helped him after he suffered a heart attack. >> immediately fetched the cell phone out of his pocket and dialed 911 and started handling the cpr compressions. >> reporter: recent studies show that chest compressions only are just as effective as traditional cpr, so the american heart association, unveiled a new cpr sequence. instead of abc, airway, breathing compressions, the order is now cab, compressions, airway, breathing. >> start with compressions. after you start compression, you can open the airway and
5:40 pm
give your breath. >> reporter: the aah says all need compressions. in the first few minutes after the collapse, they still have oxygen in their lungs and blood stream. so the sooner someone starts compressions, the sooner oxygen- rich blood gets to the victim's brain and heart. >> seconds count during has emergencies. and the longer we take checking people, we're avoiding starting to help them. >> reporter: the new guidelines offer trained responders the rules put in place two years ago. if you see somebody needs help, dial 911. then use hands-only compressions in the center of the chest until help arrives. >> reporter: new guidelines also call for a faster rate of compression, at least 100 a minute. and it should be deeper. at least 2 inches in adults. >> makes you realize how fragile life is. >> he put his life in good hands. >> reporter: randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> the change in the cpr
5:41 pm
sequence applies to adults, infants and children, but not newborns. the new report in men's health is not giving baltimore much to smile about. it ranks the cities with the worst teeth. baltimore comes up as number 4. only st. louis, philadelphia and newark were worse. it considers people who saw dentists in the past year and money spent on oral hygiene product. the best teeth were found in san jose, california. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. how is the city dealing with fire-prone vacant properties in light of the budget cuts to the fire department? what it means for baltimore to upgrade to a 4g wireless net work. -- network. and who is on top for the polls. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. still ahead at 5:00. gunfire kills two women inside a post office. what police believe led to that
5:42 pm
shooting. facing their fears. what happened when the chilean miners returned to the site of their miraculous rescue. bob turk. the first warning weather center. light rain in there. pretty seasonal temps. i'll have exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,, [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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break in clouds. late tonight, into tomorrow morning. there's a rick of a little rain -- risk of a little rain. take a look at the forecast for tuesday. temperatures pretty much where they were this afternoon. upper 40s to low to mid-60s. by late afternoon, do expect to see at least some partial clearing. and a little rain during the morning hours. a chance of a little rain tomorrow. and again on wednesday. 64 both days. on thursday, a brief warmup. and then a cooldown. friday, kind of chilly. 59. friday night, 39. a little frost in some of the suburban areas by saturday morning. saturday, sunday, partly cloudy. high once again. in the mid-30s. today's energy saver. powering a big screen tv can
5:46 pm
power up your energy bill. experts say unplug it if you want to save money. a plasma tv adds an extra $160 a year. and if you're shopping around for a big screen tv, c compares a hundred in power consumption. and go to our website and click on the special section of our home page. tonight, a super typhoon in the philippines has killed at least three people. it swept people away. one of those swept away was a young child. officials are calling this the strongest cyclone in years. at last check. the typhoon has weakened and is expected to be out of the philippines in less than 24 hours. a fatal post office shooting. two postal workerss in tennessee are killed in broad daylight. the two female workers were
5:47 pm
shot early this morning in an attempted robbery. a maroon chevy malibu. no arrests have been made. the fbi is now involved in the investigation. republicans and democrats have their stars crisscrossing the country. firing up voters and trying to convince people who haven't made up their minds that their ideas are right for the country. joel brown has more from wjz from washington. >> the tea party movement is counting on its biggest star, to topple the most powerful democrat in congress. >> we're putting government back on our side for we the people. >> reporter: former alaska governor sarah palin, headlined the tea party express event in reno, stumping for republican sharon angle. she's running against harry reid. they're virtually tied in the polls. and tea party organizers and top republicans are counting on voter anger to carry angle to victory. >> if harry reid is calling the
5:48 pm
shots that so adversely affect you, why in the world wouldn't you fire him? >> with just about two weeks to go before election day, both parties are giving it everything they have. >> democrats are hoping some of the party's biggest stars can fire up their base and get them to turn out, november 2nd. first lady michelle obama is stumping in the northeast. her appearance there comes just one day after she and the president teamed up to rally voters in ohio. it was the first time they campaigned together since he ran for the white house. >> in two weeks, you've got the chance to say once again, yes, we can. >> but many of the voters who said "yes we can" two years ago, are not so sure. a new associated press knowledge networks shows, almost a quarter of the people who voted for the president in 2008 said they might vote republican this year. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama and vice president biden are both
5:49 pm
scheduled to travel to nevada this week to lend a hand to senate majority leader harry reid. check this with eyewitness news at 6:00. for these stories and more, denise is standing by with a preview. violent confrontation. police rushed to this shopping center after a fight and stabbing. new at 6:00, surprising details. premiere pilot. he once flew queen elizabeth and the prime minister to canada. >> thank you. and still ahead on eyewitness news. a dad loses track of his child. today, the desperate search comes to an end. >> where police found the little boy, safe and sound. ,,,,
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
a missing 3-year-old from california is found alive and well. the enjoy had been missing for a night. police say the father became so intoxicated, he couldn't find his son or the car.
5:53 pm
the boy was found sleeping in a safe place. >> the great news here is that dylan was in his car seat, safe. the paramedics responded and he's undergoing a medical evaluation. >> at last check, dylan's father was being held on a $10,000 bond. in chile, all but one of the 33 miners returned from the hospital. seth doan is in copiapo chile with more from wjz. many of the miners returned to the san jose mine over the weekend. we got a chance to speak with one of them. juan carlos aguilar. >> reporter: after living through something so big, all of us are going to be emotional. he's 46 years old.
5:54 pm
a miner since 19. he calmly told us, i want to be by myself for a little while. but that won't be easy. >> this is the reality for many of these miners here. everywhere they go, they are swarmed with journalists. >> aguilar returned to this place, filled with so many painful memories. for a special sunday mass of thanksgiving. on saturday, several of the miners held a press conference and begged the press for privacy. >> give us some time to learn how to deal with you, so that we don't make the mistake of destroying the image that has been created. there's word the miners are looking to be paid for their interviews and have made a secret pact to share the profits equally. >> jimmy sanchez, the youngest of the trapped men, celebrated privately, with his family on friday. his aunt took these pictures for cbs news.
5:55 pm
now free, they face the challenges of newfound fame. >> that was seth doan reporting. so far, the miners have said very little of what it was like to be trapped for more than two months under 2,000 feet of rock. >> got money? you can buy your very own island off the coast of spain. take a look. 200 meters off the coast of minorca. the island is being sold with two stunning beaches. a few reptiles, too. it will cost more than $8 million. however, the beaches are open to the public. and the owner is also responsible for protecting the diverse wildlife, like we saw, which includes a lizard found only on this island. >> doesn't look like the canaries to me. back in a moment. >> stay with us. a man accused of murdering his wife takes the witness stand. i'm mike hellgren, with the
5:56 pm
dennis tetso trial. what he told jurors about where he was the night his wife disappeared? and is it enough to keep him out of prison? a full w w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
wjz eyewitness news at 6:00. a woman vanishes. her body never found. but her husband charged with murder. tonight, what dennis tetso said on the stand in his own defense. >> he's accused of killing an
5:59 pm
off-duty baltimore city police officer over a parking space this weekend in canton. so why was he out on bail at the time of the crime? i'm derek valcourt. i'm have that story coming up on eyewitness news. following a nasty fight that sent three students to the hospital. police say they are seeing a change in the bar scene. i'm weijia jiang, in college park. that story next on wjz eyewitness news. cloudy and cool. is rain next? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz at 6:00 starts now. senseless crime. a baltimore detective killed. po


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